Ethical Design

At the Cotton On Group, we aim to provide our customers with the products they want at the right price, while ensuring these products are designed in line with the cultural values and legal requirements of the 17 countries in which we operate.

We are committed to making responsible choices about what we sell, while catering for our diverse range of customers’ needs.

Our Ethical Framework was developed to allow us to solidify our focus and ensures our people join us on this journey to impact positively on people’s lives globally; our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our workforce and all those that we touch along the way.

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Everything we produce is required to meet the stringent safety regulations relevant to the individual countries in which we operate, as well as being legally compliant. We continually look at ways to better educate our teams and suppliers to ensure we meet all ethical product requirements - legally, safely and responsibly.


Compliant Design

The Cotton On Group takes seriously its responsibility to supply safe goods to customers.

We are committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codes and abide by the mandatory regulations concerning product safety and labelling as stipulated by each of our markets around the globe.

Internally, we educate our people and suppliers on the importance of ensuring compliance and have clearly defined processes in place to adhere to the individual requirements set out by each region.

We are always looking at how we can improve our approach to product safety and compliance and continually adapt our processes to reflect any regulatory changes.

Responsible Design

The Cotton On Group understands the responsibility to create products in line with the values and expectations of both our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We educate our people on the importance of using language and slogans that are considerate of each of our global markets and have processes in place that act as a checkpoint to determine product suitability.

This also extends to the way in which we promote our products across the globe and we are committed to delivering campaigns that are both honest and appropriate in each of our customer markets.

The Cotton On Group has robust internal processes in place to address issues if and when they arise. We continually evaluate our approach and are always looking at ways to amend and improve our procedures. 

Legal Design

The Cotton On Group has a large team of talented designers across its brands who deliver fun, fashionable products independently created for our customers.

Our designers draw inspiration from around the globe to ensure our ranges are up to the minute and reflective of market trends.

We closely govern our design processes with a strong focus on training and educating our people on respecting boundaries of inspiration. We set clear expectations on how our products should be designed and created.

The Cotton On Group has a zero tolerance approach to the flagrant copying of designs and has procedures in place to manage complaints and address any issues as they arise.