Ethical Logistics

As our store footprint expands around the globe, we understand the importance of having logistical processes that are safe for our people and mindful of our environmental impact.

Safety Matters

Creating a safe environment in our global Distribution Centres (DCs) is crucial to the Cotton On Group.

Our Safety Matters program aims to foster a culture that encourages safe behaviour and manages risk.  On joining the DC team, our people are educated on our approach to safety and undergo a thorough, tailored induction that is specific to their site.

Regular training sessions are also conducted to keep team members engaged with the safety message, mindful of their work practices and up to date with best practices in regards to safety.

The Cotton On Group has also made a significant investment in the implementation of a communications platform and safety messaging campaign throughout our global DCs. This has seen the installation of Safety Matters signs and messaging in all DCs and a roll out of specially branded work wear and uniforms.

Environmental Practices

The Cotton On Group recognises the importance of having sustainable business practices when it comes to the transportation and distribution of our products.

Since 2011, we have been reducing our use of air freight across the Group in an effort to minimise aviation fuel usage required to move our products. We are also improving our approach to sea freight by maximising opportunities to bundle and transport our products more efficiently. This includes reducing the transportation of non-operating reefers (empty containers) to collect and transport our goods.

The Cotton On Group also seeks assurances from its partners on their commitment to environmental responsibility. Our annual supplier conferences are an opportunity for us to better understand the environmental practices our suppliers have in place, educate them on the rules by which they will be governed and enable us to assist them in making improvements if necessary. Environmental policies also form part of the key selection criteria for our tender process when seeking third party distribution and logistics partners.

At our Distribution Centres, we have a major focus on recycling materials including plastic, cardboard, general waste and metal. Additionally, our DC vehicles are compliant with the latest European standards for exhausts emissions.