Our Manifesto

The Cotton On Group is focused on building an ethical, sustainable and profitable business and ensuring we have a positive impact on our people, the community, the planet and all those we connect with. It’s not only the right thing to do; it’s the best way to do business.

We have been founded on and are driven by product focused, retail savvy, entrepreneurial leaders who have a passion for delivering great product at amazing value.

We have developed the business through being resourceful and ‘finding a better way’. As the Cotton On Group grows, it’s this same attitude that we believe will serve us best on our continuous road to ethical improvement.

We recognise that being a fast-paced business cannot come at the expense of operating ethically. We are results driven and committed to making a positive contribution to communities and the planet, while generating opportunities for our people.


We know we are on the road of continuous improvement.

We’re the first to admit there is more to do and we continue to explore every opportunity to do business ethically and sustainably. It’s the only way we are going to ensure a better tomorrow for everyone we touch.

We are tracking our progress at each stage of the product lifecycle to identify the areas we need to work on and where we are making progress.  We will be communicating our performance each year in our 'Live On' snapshot report.

Our Ethical Approach

The Cotton On Group takes its ethical responsibility seriously. Our Ethical Practice Framework not only guides our policies and actions today, but steers us in a better direction for the future.

We are acutely aware that in creating our products we have an impact on our people, our customers, our communities and the planet. Our future success depends on making responsible decisions to ensure that we remain both sustainable and profitable.

We recognise we are on a continual path to improvement. Ethical practice is the responsibility of each of our 20,000 Cotton On Group employees, and we want as many of our people as possible making conscious, informed and ethical choices at every turn.

We know this isn’t always black and white but we are firmly committed to working towards getting more right, more often and for more people. The Cotton On Group is a people-first business, with a genuine belief in what can be achieved with an ethical approach.

What We're Doing Today

Conducting business in an ethically sound way has been important to us since day one. We have a number of initiatives already in place including our 14 Rules To Trade, Ethical Framework, our commitment to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord, our robust supplier partnerships and the ethical sourcing of cotton.


At the core of all these initiatives is communicating to our team members, suppliers and partners about the reasons why our ethical framework exists.

At the Cotton On Group, we don’t just use a top down approach but rather aim to educate our people and partners on the importance of conducting business in the way we see fit.

This approach enables continuous reflection and we are firmly committed to challenging ourselves to find better approaches and improved processes.

Our current initiatives run through every aspect of our business and cover the following areas:

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Our ethics