At the Cotton On Group, we recognise the health and wellbeing of our people is key to us being at our best.

Activity and energy are at the heart of who we are – we work hard, have fun and are passionate about what we do. At the same time, we believe it’s just as important to recover, reflect and look after ourselves both physically and mentally.

Our dedicated Health + Wellbeing (H+W) team coordinate and implement a vast range of activities and programs geared toward energising and revitalising all members of our team globally.

The Health +Wellbeing Lifestyle Platform consists of three main areas of focus: 


It is important for people to work at a place that genuinely cares about their health and wellbeing on all levels. It impacts the energy they have to live a rich and meaningful life. 


This plays a major role in people’s overall health and wellbeing, impacting their resilience and performance. Connection includes group activities, team lunches and anything that aims to connect people and feel part of their ‘community’.


Mindfulness, excerise and focusing on life balance are great tools to build resilience.

The H+W platform consists of five global initiatives that are available to our team, in addition to a ‘toolkit’ of options which helps embed H+W into every part of the business.

Globally, we engage with our people in varying ways throughout their health and wellbeing journey; from team sports activities in our Distribution Centres, to boot camps and 12-week yoga challenges in our Regional Hubs along with nutritional education and awareness packs for our Retail team members.

We provide access to a range of resources and useful content, presented in fun and interactive ways to ensure our team live the moment and love the journey.

Geelong Headquarters

At our Geelong based headquarters, the Cotton On Group gym and personal trainers provide physical fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, creative workshops, relaxation, team building, stress management and recovery education, injury management and rehabilitation services.

We also have a Health Hub consisting of an Osteopath, Naturopath, Masseur, Podiatrist, Beautician and Financial Planner, and our team members regularly participate in work-based sporting events and competitions. The Cotton On Group in-house cafe, ‘The Common’, offers reduced-price healthy food, cooking classes and other initiatives.