22nd April, 2016

Retail Academy Wins Best Design

COG Uni: the team accepts their award

What do you get when you combine over 300 videos and 250 learning modules? A national award and one very happy team.

Last year, the COG Uni and Typo teams worked tirelessly to create a digital learning platform that is engaging for retail staff.

Instead of flipping through hard-to-digest manuals, Christmas casuals sat in chill out zones to complete engaging, video-led modules on a tablet. ‘Retail Academy’ is a comprehensive digital training platform, and has recently been recognised as the best digital learning platform in Australia for its design and development.

COG Uni Product Development Manager, Beth Hall, said she’s proud of the team who worked extremely hard to deliver the learning content.

“It was a great feeling to be able to have industry recognize their hard work and contribution to innovative learning design.”

The award recognised creative strides made in Bitesize Learning (BL) combined with the digital experience for the modern-day learner. The learning content was assessed on creative instructional design techniques, focusing on results and how it was customised for a digital experience.

With more than 14,000 retail team members globally, the average age of the retail team is 23 years old. So it’s imperative that the content is engaging.

The new retail induction program is a combination of new content, as well as old content, delivered in a new and engaging way. It’s largely video led and has lots of interactive elements.

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