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A Day in the Life On:Campus

14th June, 2022

Photographer: Anson Smart, Designer: Greg Natale

Last week, we were proud to have our Global Support Centre in Geelong featured in Australian Financial Review.

As a People First business, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Every day they deliver positive experiences for our customers, and we provide our team members with the support and environment they can collaborate, express themselves and thrive in.


We wanted an environment that would create lots of interaction and informal conversation.
We’re happiest when people break away from their functional desks and go and work in an informal space.

– Nigel Austin, Founder of Cotton On Group 


AFR journalist Natasha Boddy joined us at our Global Support Centre in Geelong to experience what a day on campus is like; breakfast in The Beckley, a yoga class in the Body Health & Wellness Club, mingling with the team, a massage with the onsite beauty therapist and holistic health experts and a glimpse into Cotton On Childcare, our on-site childcare centre.


The key to a successful retailer is to listen to their customer and respond and adapt, especially in our segment which is trend-driven and fashion-led. We now need to apply that to the workforce and the workplace, so I think we really need to let go of the rigid view of how the office works.

– Peter Johnson, CEO of Cotton On Group

To read the article, hear from our leaders and fellow team members, click here.

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