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4th February, 2022

2021 was a year of great resilience, teamwork and incredible impact – all made possible by your support!

As always, our incredible team across the globe has explored and responded to opportunities and challenges with versatility and innovative solutions. This report focuses on just some of their amazing achievements, supported by the wider Cotton On Group team, and of course, by our customers.

Here is just a short snapshot of the year that was…

  • 11,172 students in Uganda and Thailand completed another year of home learning
  • We distributed social and emotional learning packs across South Africa and Uganda
  • We partnered with UNICEF to support the distribution of one million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Face masks were once again the hero product of 2021, raising an incredible $10,656,902 AUD
  • We partnered with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation Strong Brother Strong Sister, and Australian youth mentor program LifeChanger

We can’t wait for you to dive in, and learn all about the amazing work you supported.