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The Group Continues its Commitment to Living Wages

19th July, 2018

The Cotton On Group is committed to ensuring our supply chain is fair and equitable as we work toward securing decent working conditions for every individual touched by our operations and beyond.

With this goal in sight, we became a proud member of Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT) in May 2018.

ACT is a ground-breaking initiative, bringing together global NGOs, retailers, trade unions, regulators and governing bodies to develop innovative strategies needed to bring about the successful transition from minimum wages to living wages.

The concept of a living wage is a complex one; individually a brand’s impact may be limited and without buy-in from major players globally, the realisation of living wages for all is unlikely to be timely or sustainable.

To combat this challenge, the members of ACT are joining forces as we actively seek to create long-term solutions including the establishment of industry-wide collective bargaining to foster positive change to the way wages and working conditions are set.

Group Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing Manager, Sonya Rand, who in May attended our first ACT member council meeting in Hong Kong sees the immense benefits that stem from working hand-in-hand with fellow signatories to effectively transform the garment and textile industry.

“At the Cotton On Group we believe that there are no losers when it comes to securing fair working conditions for every person within the garment and textile industry; when we work collaboratively with our peers to achieve this, everybody wins” she said.