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Group recognised for its commitment to living wages

28th February, 2019

The Group has long researched and supported a transparent approach to understanding the living and working conditions of the people who produce our garments across our global supply chain.

We are committed to the journey towards paying a living wage.

We’ve been working on improving our purchasing practices and ethical sourcing standards to support the journey towards living wages since 2016 and in May 2018, we became a member of Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT); an initiative which brings together global retailers and Industrial Unions to develop innovative strategies to support a successful transition from minimum wages to living wages for workers. Read more about our commitment, here.

A ‘living wage’ is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet the basic needs of himself/herself and his/her family including some discretionary income. This should be earned during standard working hours. Through working with ACT, the Group is 100% committed to creating positive change in the way wages and working conditions are set.

Since making credible commitments towards achieving a living wage for workers in our supply chain, Oxfam Australia has recognised the Group’s efforts with an upgraded rating in their Company Tracker.

The Group collaborates with a range of stakeholders on our journey towards paying a living wage and we will continue communicating to our customers our efforts within the ethics and sustainability space via The Good.

We’re proud of the acknowledgement we’ve received from Oxfam and we’re committed to the continuous journey of empowering our garment workers.

To view Oxfam’s Company Tracker and see how the brands you buy are doing on their journey to create a fairer fashion industry, click here.