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The Cotton On Group has launched The Good: A platform to help customers navigate our ethical and sustainable approach to business.

Have you heard about The Good?

23rd October, 2018

At the Cotton On Group we are committed to creating positive change. For our customers. For our community. For the planet. For the things that matter to all of us. That’s our word. That’s The Good.

This is why the Group has launched new platform, The Good, to share the work it has been doing in the ethics and sustainability space over the course of its 27 year history.

The Good is being shared in-store and online across the Group’s ecommerce and social media channels, in a bid to help customers navigate the often complex topics related to ethical and sustainable retail operations.

The dynamic platform will continually evolve in line with the Group’s activity in the ethical sourcing space, with a view to keeping customers well informed and involved in the journey.

At launch The Good explores;

Made with Good: sharing how the Group is collaborating with partners to make the stuff customers love, more sustainably.

Doing Good for our people: highlighting how the Group empowers its network of suppliers, garment workers and farmers through policy and education.

Taking Good steps towards green: taking steps on a continuous journey of improvement to reduce our impact on the environment.

A good look at our supply chain: continuing the work to create transparency in the Group’s supply chain from start to finish.

Operating with integrity and ‘doing the right thing’ has been the driving force behind how the Group does business since day one.

It remains at the core of our operations today as we endeavour to use the size and scale of the business to have a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

Find out more about how we’re taking an ethical and sustainable approach to business by visiting cottonon.com/thegood