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It’s ‘Team Member of The Quarter’ Time

16th February, 2021

Last week, it was virtual high-fives and ‘good on-ya mates’ plus much more all around our Cotton On Group (COG) globe, as we recognised our first Global Team Member of The Quarter winners for 2021.

Each quarter, our people nominate their co-workers, peers and mates who they feel have smashed it out of the park in their day to day, taking it to the next level in making a positive difference in each of the lives they’ve touched, as well as making customer obsession their priority. We’re always humbled, sometimes brought to tears, and just generally mind-blown when reading the nominations across our Retail, Distribution and Support Centre networks.

Here’s some of the things we read this round that we had to share:

A consistent superstar within their role; always looking for what’s next for both customer and their own development. – Retail Team Member, Australia


They keep it real every day! Showing integrity with everything they do and always putting customer and team first. A true COG leader. – Retail Team Member, New Zealand


Always there to support – whether it be training or upskilling a team mate, and always putting customer first. – Distribution Team Member, South Africa


Consistent and sheer resilience and commitment to customer. Going above and beyond, and have delivered amazing results in very different times. – Support Centre Team Member, Asia


What’s most impressive is their communication, curiosity and hunger to always learn. – Retail Team Member, United States


And with nominations came putting the party hats on and throwing the virtual confetti, as we recognised team members from each of our regions, brands and workplaces. Celebrating with some well-deserved rewards that brought with them fun and excitement for each of these team members.

To us, existing to make a positive difference in people’s lives is our purpose and we’re so proud to see our team members doing this for our customer and each other, every day.

Have you had a great experience with our people recently? We’d love for you to tell us about it here.