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17th August, 2021

Participants in South Africa recently took part in our first ever “Liberate Her High Tea” wellbeing workshop! Over the course of four hours, Cotton On Foundation team and guest speaker Raylene Meth, a social worker from the Department of Social Development, engaged young women who have graduated from Dr JL Dube High School in an intimate workshop. Nine girls attended the session, six 2020 graduates and three prior, who heard about the event via word of mouth.

The purpose of the High Tea was to encourage the girls about their future, and to help them develop a relationship with Cotton On Foundation so they can continue to access support as they navigate life outside of school.

The key outcomes of the workshop were to:

  • Identify the individual challenges the girls are facing
  • Explore emotional and psychological health
  • Connect them with Cotton On Foundation’s Pathways program, to get them thinking about their career possibilities
  • Develop trust and break down insecurities

Participants were led through icebreaker activities to get their confidence up, before being introduced to ‘Johari’s Window’, a framework all about the conscious and unconscious individual. This led to a conversation about perceptions, before the girls were introduced to the Pathways Program.

We can’t wait to host our next High Tea!