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Dynamic shopping: a new ecommerce platform

New E-Comm Store Offers Dynamic Shopping Experience

2nd December, 2014

The Cotton On Group has launched a new multi-million dollar e-commerce platform, providing customers in its Australian and US markets with a shopping experience that is both dynamic and responsive.

With the site attracting the highest number of clicks in Australia for a bricks and mortar retailer, equating to over 2.2 million visits each month in Australia alone, the new platform is powered by industry leading technology to deliver a world class service to customers.

Marshal McLean, Cotton On Group Marketing and E-Commerce Group Executive, says the ever increasing consumer demand for online shopping combined with the Group’s commitment to exceptional customer service has been the driving force behind the relaunch.

“We’ve placed an emphasis on delivering a site that replicates what customers experience when they visit our bricks and mortar stores.  This means showcasing the individuality of each of our brands and the variety of our product offering, whilst providing seamless functionality end to end,” he says.

Responding to the desire of customers to shop by look and trend, the site uses an editorially inspired design to group and showcase products across seven different brands including Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Typo, Rubi, Cotton On Body, T-Bar and Free by Cotton On.  As users create accounts, save their favourite items and share them with friends, the platform has the capacity to edit the product offering customers see, providing a tailored shopping journey.

Customising the experience even further is the integration of the world’s leading digital wallet Paypal, allowing customers to save payment and delivery details to streamline the transaction process across all devices.

Cotton On’s Head of Marketing and Ecommerce, Col Kennedy, says catering to the changing habits of customers is a must as they increasingly head online to not only shop but also research brands and products.

“We know consumers are using their mobile phones at home, on their way to work, at cafes on the weekend to seek out products, to shop as well as gather information to take with them into a bricks and mortar store,” he says.

“So having a highly responsive site that allows customer to access our products easily and engages them with interesting, relevant content is vital in encouraging them to shop with us in-store and online.”

With the digital space continually changing, ensuring the platform has the ability to adapt and evolve as quickly as the online environment does and as global consumers demand has been a critical part of the site innovation.

“We’ve made a significant long term investment in the technology so we’re in the position to quickly respond to what our customers want now and into the future,” Mr McLean says.

“We are really excited to see how shoppers use the site and will continually look at what new functions and capabilities can be integrated to provide our customers with an industry leading experience.”

Users have embraced the new the platform with record visits and sales since its launch last month, particularly in recent weeks during the Click Frenzy sale in Australia and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale period in the United States. The large amount of traffic is likely to continue in the lead up to the peak retail period of Christmas and Boxing Day.

The Cotton On Group plans to roll out the site globally in the coming months with customised offerings for Asian and South African shoppers. Its Supré and Factorie brands will have the new technology integrated into their online stores early next year.