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27th October, 2021

Content Warning: This article contains some reference to youth suicide and mental health. 

LifeChanger Foundation helps address the challenges that youth face today, to create a pathway to positive self-identity. LifeChanger was founded in 2016 and operates across Australia and New Zealand. Through a team of inspiring mentors and workshops designed to build connection, confidence and community, LifeChanger is equipping youth with the tools they need to live life to the fullest.

As Cotton On Foundation’s latest partnership, we’re excited to work alongside the LifeChanger team, making a difference in youth wellbeing. In 2021, team members from the Cotton On Group were given the opportunity to get involved as mentors, seeing firsthand the difference these  programs are making.

Challenging the statistics 

Mental health has never been more important or front-of-mind for young people. Statistics around increasing stress levels, anxiety and youth suicide are a stark reminder that programs like LifeChanger are incredibly relevant and necessary. Youth today are facing profound levels of low self-esteem, isolation and bullying, both online and face-to-face.

“When a young person becomes isolated, it’s almost an impossible place to grow from. Our program provides an opportunity to connect, which we think is a pretty powerful thing. It’s important that young people get the opportunity to explore who they are because when they really uncover that, they’ll realise that there’s nothing but infinite possibilities.” – Scott Watters, CEO/Founder of LifeChanger.

Developing a positive self identity

The LifeChanger Youth Program centres on the five key pillars: health, skills, self, purpose and tribe. This holistic approach aims to create a greater understanding of identity, as well as a sense of purpose and optimism towards the future. From communication skills to problem solving and goal setting, it’s an opportunity for young people to take risks, make mistakes and explore pathways, without fear or judgement. Empowered with the tools they need to succeed, LifeChanger workshops encourage students to break down barriers, recognise and reflect on their own potential and develop the resilience they need to overcome challenges.

“I think it’s a really empowering thing for a young person when they understand their pathway to becoming fully self-actualized. It makes it very tangible for young people. Most young people just want to be as good as they can be. So let’s make the road map pretty transparent for them.” – Scott Watters, CEO/Founder of LifeChanger

Creating connections and community

Finding and connecting with a community is crucial to combat increasing feelings of isolation in youth. Founder Scott Watters calls the program a “framework for connection”, and one of the most powerful tools LifeChanger can offer young people. With access to a multi-dimensional, intergenerational community, students are able to express themselves and discover shared experiences, all while in a safe space. Involving local mentors is an important aspect of LifeChanger, as it creates and sustains feelings of connection to the broader community. For the students involved, it’s re-affirming to know there is local support in their suburb, town or city.

“The sense of community, the purpose and the values of Cotton On Foundation are exciting to be aligned alongside. It’s a really empowering partnership for us. It’s through the support of Cotton On Foundation that we’re expanding our programs in Australia, and also New Zealand. Excitedly, in New Zealand alone, we’ve already got close to 3,000 students booked into programs, and that’s phenomenal.” – Scott Watters, CEO/Founder of LifeChanger

Find out more about LifeChanger here.

You’re doing so good

You’re making a difference with every Cotton On Foundation purchase. 100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and wellbeing projects.

If you or anyone you love is experiencing hardship or if this has triggered you in any way and are in need of support, please reach out to:

Beyond Blue

Kids Help Line