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Supré Foundation donates $150,000 to Australian girls and women impacted by COVID-19

15th October, 2020

Supré Foundation has donated over $150,000 for charity partners Foodbank, Vinnies and Beyond Blue, who are providing urgent, vital support to Australian girls and women impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since launching the three new partnerships in July, customers and team members from the Supré community have helped raise donations through product purchased and sold from the Supré Foundation range, which included a newly created collection of face masks and hand sanitisers to reflect everyday essential items for the current COVID-19 environment.

Founded in 2014, Supré Foundation is dedicated to funding and collaborating with partners that support and empower girls and women by donating 100% of all proceeds of Supré Foundation products to charity organisations with a key focus on mental wellbeing, women’s safety and shelter and equality.

Within three months of fundraising, Supré Foundation products has seen a +10% YoY growth in proceeds, despite reduced customer traffic in shopping centres and stores in Victoria closed for half of the fundraising period to date, a reflection of the Supré customers’ desire to support the vital work of the three charity partners.

Supré Foundation has also announced it is extending its partnership with Foodbank, Vinnies and Beyond Blue until the end of 2020, with the aim to help support more Australians through economic and wellbeing pressures as parts of the country navigate the longer-term impacts of the pandemic.

“Supré Foundation is so proud to be standing side by side with Foodbank, Vinnies and Beyond Blue to help create awareness and raise vital funds to support the thousands of Australian women and girls who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jodie Bongetti, Supré General Manager.

“We feel extremely grateful to our Supré community, it has been a demonstration of what can be achieved when women support women. It is only because of our customers and every purchase they make from our Supré Foundation range, that enables us to make a difference for women and girls who need it most”.

To read more about Supré Foundation’s support partners: Foodbank, Vinnies and Beyond Blue, head to www.supre.com.au