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Students help with Supre's VM: the brief is met perfectly
The team: university students studying VM
Close up: part of the installation

Supre Inspires Students

28th June, 2016

For the last few months, Supre’s Visual Merchandising team has been working with 16 university students to create a window display that represents the brand.

The students were given a brief, as well as background on the brand’s vision, on the customer and the new store concept. The students presented various concepts to the VM team, and then the strongest was chosen to be brought to life.

Drawing inspiration from the new brand overlay, as well as Gurl Magazine, the students created a tonal pink window incorporating objects that represent the Supre girl’s world.

Supre’s VM team loved the monochromatic design of found objects and handmade props to represent all areas of her world, and loved the authoritative treatment of It’s Your World callout dominating the window space.

The window was installed by a very excited team of students at the RMIT campus. It was the students’ last day before finishing their course.

Read more about Supre here.