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World Education Day – Kids for Kids

23rd January, 2023

This January, Cotton On Kids and Cotton On Foundation are celebrating the power of a quality education with their Kids for Kids campaign!

From the 2nd to the 29th of January, 100% of proceeds from the sale of Cotton On Foundation x Cotton On Kids products and donations will support holistic education projects around the globe.

Did you know?

As part of Cotton On Foundation’s commitment to their Holistic Education pillar, they have a goal to provide education and pathways to meaningful employment for 100,000 young people over the next five years!

It’s a big target, and there are some big projects underway to help us get there. In 2023, Cotton On Foundation will:

  • Complete the construction of Dr JL Dube High School in KwaMashu, South Africa, providing 1,280 educational places
  • Complete the construction of Busibo Primary School in Uganda, providing 910 educational places
  • Complete the construction of Namabaale Primary School in Uganda, providing 910 educational places
  • Start the construction of the kindergarten at Hsa Thoo Lei in Mae Sot, Thailand, providing 120 educational places

But a great school building is only one part of the holistic education equation! For the attending students, access to these schools ensures:

  • The provision of basic necessities, including two meals a day and 5 litres of clean drinking water
  • Access to healthcare
  • Quality education delivered by trained teachers with access to development opportunities
  • Student wellbeing initiatives, including in-school counselling
  • Initiatives to support girls to stay in school
  • Pathways to further education and employment

THANK YOU for working with us to support the next generation of leaders.

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