Our innovative, passionate, optimistic people come first in every decision we make.

We strive to empower our team members to be the best they can, both at work and in their personal lives. We are on a quest to find world-class talent globally and we take great pride in our ability to attract, retain and grow a strong and diverse workforce.


We work with our people to help them create meaningful and
long term careers.

We believe it is our responsibility to make sure each and every team member has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


We want our people to work in an environment built on diversity, equality and opportunity.

Our strategies recognise and value different perspectives, backgrounds and responsibilities beyond procedural or legal compliance. We don’t discriminate based on age, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or physical or mental ability. There are endless opportunities for anyone who is passionate about what we do. Visit our careers website and find out where a Cotton On Group journey might take you.