Our Values

We have a genuine belief in our brand, our big ideas, and our ability to bring them to life. 

In 1991, we opened our first retail store in the regional Victorian city of Geelong, Australia. From these humble beginnings, we’ve taken our spirit to the globe.

Working side by side with the communities where we operate, we are always learning and growing; we believe tomorrow can be better than today. As one of Australia’s leading global fashion brands, we are unwavering in our pursuit to provide customers with the trends they want, when they want it, at the right price. 

These six values underpin the diversity of who we are and the way we work. They are the baseline of everything we do, guide us in our decision making and are the same values that our founder, Nigel has instilled since day one.


Learning culture • Ambitious • Fearless • Innovate • Focused 

We are on a journey of continuous improvement. It’s not about being the first or the biggest, but about
striving to be better at everything we do, every day. 
We take pride in our work,
we never settle, we look to the future and we dream big.


Accountable • Confident • Listen • Commercial • Entrepreneurial

We believe in personal accountability at every level; approaching our roles with clarity, confidence and true accountability. We question, we listen, we take risks, we seek feedback. We see developing great culture as everybody’s responsibility – there are no spectators.


Team work • Supportive • Empowering • Collaborative • Inspiring

At the forefront of every decision we make we prioritise our team. As a close knit global family, we’re in it together, ensuring we create amazing experiences that have a positive impact on everyone we meet.


Genuine • Down to earth • No ego • Resourceful • Humble • Respectful • 

We have a can-do, solutions focused mindset to business and we never forget we’re here to
serve our customers. We value humility, we are resourceful and take a hands-on approach but when necessary, we confront the brutal facts.


Passionate • Spirited • Youthful • Engaged • Vibrant • Dynamic

We’re a fun, energetic team who thrive on adventure and have an optimistic view of the world. We enjoy the moment and love the journey.


Ethical • Honest • Transparent • Responsible • Humanitarian

We aspire to always do the right thing and have a positive impact on the world, it’s who we are. We value honesty, integrity, and transparency and take a zero tolerance approach to unethical behaviour.