25th July, 2018

Changing the lives of the Bunjakko children


A school located on the border of the Rakai and Lwengo districts of Southern Uganda is surrounded with children whose faces are full of hope which, from the state of their school, you would wonder how their optimism is so high.

The rooms of the Bunjakko primary school are decaying; many have large craters in the floor, desks and school materials are scarce, if available at all, there’s zero access to clean drinking water and nutritious food is hard to come by.

Team members from the Group’s philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation saw firsthand that the school and the children were in serious need of support. The Cotton On Foundation’s mission stands to empower youth through quality education and helping create a brighter future for the students of Bunjakko proved vital.

From this visit to Bunjakko stemmed the Cotton On Foundation’s June goal; to raise enough funds through the sale of their products across the Group’s retail stores, of which 100% of profit goes toward their projects, to help Build Bunjakko.

The Foundation required A$1 million in order to create the Bunjakko outreach school and, once complete, this school would form a community hub and provide education places for 500 children.

On June 26, four days prior to the end of the month and campaign, the Foundation exceeded their target of A$1 million, ending the month on A$1,200,000.

The build of the outreach school can now begin and upon completion, will provide the children of Bunjakko with:

  • New and inspiring classrooms
  • Support and safety from trained teachers
  • A quality education through the Cotton On Foundation’s Quality Education Model
  • Vital scholastic materials, including books and stationery
  • Five litres of clean drinking water per day
  • Two nutritious meals per day
  • Access to vital health care to encourage learning

With the help and generosity of the Group’s customers and Cotton On Foundation supporters, the lives of hundreds of children will change for the better.

To discover more about the Cotton On Foundation’s projects, click here.

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