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A gift that gives twice

11th November, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching. And at this time every year, the Cotton On Foundation release a range of beautiful cards with enamel pins, that when purchased, contribute towards providing a quality education for kids who need it most.

Through a unique partnership with customers and team members, the Cotton On Foundation is focused on empowering youth globally through the delivery of quality educational projects in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

This year, the card range is called Gifts that Give and includes six different project outcome options, at two budget friendly price points (AUD $5 and $10.)

At AUD$5, you can buy a card that helps to provide kids in Southern Uganda and South Africa with sanitary goods because no girl should miss school because of her period, healthy meals for students or fresh clean drinking water for students and the wider community.

At $10, you can choose an option that can help to provide training to teachers to empower the leaders in Cotton On Foundation supported schools, scholarships for vocational and university students beyond their Cotton On Foundation supported secondary education or play equipment at schools, because play is a crucial part of quality education.

Like always, there is space to write a personal message, making the perfect gift for a teacher, friend, workmate, family member or neighbour.

Each gift comes with a unique 360 video attached that allows you to virtually step into one of the Cotton On Foundation’s quality education projects in Uganda or South Africa to see for yourself what your gift is contributing towards.

Foundation Product Developer, Emma Zappia said, “It’s pretty awesome to be able to work on a range of products that have the ability to make a difference to the lives of so many kids. This year, we narrowed our focus, incorporated the virtual experience of the gift in a big way, and used what we’ve learnt from previous years to create the best Gifts that Give we’ve ever seen. We’re pretty excited about it.”

The cards are available online from November on the Group’s eCommerce site, or in-stores across Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.