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Building a Kinder, Braver World Together

11th October, 2023

Thank you for partnering with us to support global youth mental health.

From 1 September to 10 October, 100% of proceeds from Cotton On Foundation products and donations went towards supporting Born This Way Foundation’s mission of supporting youth mental health and working with young people to build a kinder, braver world by eliminating the stigma surrounding youth mental health, validating the emotions of young people everywhere, and inspiring a global movement of kind action. To learn more about this partnership, click here.

For our kindest campaign ever, we’re proud to share that together with our global team and customers, Cotton On Foundation x Born This Way Foundation has:

  • Witnessed over one million actions taken towards youth mental health
  • Contributed $5 million USD in funding to Born This Way Foundation
  • Inspired over 5,000 customers and team members to earn their Be There Certificate
  • Received nearly 2,000 Kindness in Community Fund nominations from across the globe

We’re also really excited for what’s to come in 2024, with three store managers on their way to meet Lady Gaga in the USA (all thanks to their incredible work inspiring teams to spread Born This Way Foundation’s mission), The Child Center of New York pledging to mobilise 10,000 New Yorkers to earn their Be There Certificate by May, and the upcoming announcement of the Kindness in Community Fund recipients.

Cotton On Foundation General Manager, Tim Diamond, and Born This Way Foundation President and Co-Founder, Cynthia Germanotta, on stage, along with Chelsea Clinton and fellow commitment makers at the Clinton Global Initiative, during which both organisations announced Cotton On’s support of the Kindness in Community Fund, wherein $1.5M USD of funds raised throughout this campaign will go towards grassroots organisations supporting youth mental health in select regions.

Thank you for joining the movement and supporting Cotton On Foundation x Born This Way Foundation. We can build a kinder, braver world together.