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Image: A student at Bwe K'Lar Primary School in Thailand:

Cotton On Foundation raise AUD $100M

20th December, 2019

This week, because of the help of Cotton On Group team members and customers, the Cotton On Foundation has reached a total of AUD $100 million raised since the Group’s philanthropic arm was founded in 2007.

100% of these funds have gone straight to the pursuit of improving the lives of young people across the globe.

Through a unique partnership with team members and customers, the Cotton On Foundation exists to empower youth through the delivery of education based projects across Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

Everyday products like tote bags and bottles of water are sold in over 1,500 Cotton On Group stores, where 100% of proceeds contribute back to communities in need.

Tim Diamond, Cotton On Foundation General Manager said,

“It’s incredible. It shows that with an inspiring goal and a huge, collective effort anything can be achieved.”

Since 2007, the Group’s philanthropic arm has been able to support 23 schools across Southern Uganda, South Africa and Thailand, build 13 schools, provide of 17 million meals to students, see over 2,000 community members graduate from the Nutrition Mission, install over 95 water tanks, provide four million litres of water, administer over 25,000 vaccinations, provide health care for 44,000 children, safety deliver 3,538 babies in three supported healthcare centres, create 9,100 educational places, give 16,000 kids access to a quality education and so much more.

“All of this is only possible due to our 20,000 passionate team mates, and our amazing customers. We’re custodians of the money that’s raised and we’re committed to making a real, measurable impact,” Tim said.