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Cotton On X Empty Esky: Supporting bushfire-affected Aussie communities

9th September, 2020

From Jo-burg to LA, London to HK and Geelong, here at COG we’re passionate about giving back to the local communities that we operate in across the globe.

That is why we’re proud to be partnering with Empty Esky, an Aussie start-up putting local bushfire-affected businesses back on the map. The team at Empty Esky operate with the goal of helping rural and regional communities get back on their feet after the most devastating bushfire season on record.

Their message is simple and powerful: go on a road trip to a bushfire affected town and fill your esky with local goodies.

“We saw an opportunity to help change the way people think about travelling. The idea that just two hours away, we’ve got incredible places to go.” – Eleanor Baillieu, Co Founder of Empty Esky.

Live now on the Group’s e-commerce site is a brand new Empty Esky platform dedicated to providing Cotton On’s customer with the tips, resources and itineraries they need to set off on an incredible Empty Esky road trip across Australia.

“We would love people to plan holidays with the mindset of doing an Empty Esky trip, even if it’s just once a year. Choose a small town that has been affected, meet the local people there, and invest where you can to support local businesses.” – Erin Boutros, Co-Founder of Empty Esky.

Ready to go on an Empty Esky road trip? There’s so many hidden gems and local goodies to discover. Jump onto the Group’s e-commerce site or follow all the action on @cottonon to find out where to explore, stay, shop, and grab a bite – all while supporting bushfire-affected communities. Let’s help Australia get going again.