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15th November, 2021

Better for you.

Better for the planet.

Better together

Real change can’t be done alone. But together, we can make a positive impact.

Cotton On Foundation has partnered with six young Aussie businesses with a vision to do good, to create even more amazing impact for the causes that matter most to you, and to us!

One thing we all share in common is a belief in the importance of personal and collective wellbeing. So, together, we’ve designed three packs of considered self and home-care products, for you to gift or to keep all to yourself.

On top of that, individual products from each of the six partnered businesses will be available to buy here.

The best bit? 100% of proceeds from the sale of these products will support 4,300 students access eye, ear and dental check ups in Cotton On Foundation supported communities.


Dirt – “I decided to create a laundry detergent because I saw an opportunity to deliver a better product and experience, in a more sustainable way.”

Fluff – “Fluff is for anyone who thinks that the world doesn’t need more products, just better products.”

Jonny – “Jonny was born out of a mutual feeling as three single women – at that time – that there was no condom brand on the market that spoke to us”

Dr Robb – “we have created a product that is not just better for the environment but is beneficial for oral health”

ROCC – “I couldn’t find a natural toothpaste that was good for me, good for the planet, and looked good on my bathroom sink. So, I decided to create my own by partnering with the best of the best.”

Love Beauty Foods – “We believe global care starts with self care. Together we can do better for you and the planet”.