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Give a gift that counts: Cotton On Foundation's gift alternative

Give a gift that counts

21st December, 2016

This holiday season the Cotton On Group’s philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation, has a gift giving alternative that makes a sizable difference in the lives of others.

Gifts That Count is an online giving platform which will use donations to help provide quality education to children in Southern Uganda. From just $5, the purchaser can select from a number of gifts that help to brighten the future of these children. All donations will enable the Cotton On Foundation to carry out education projects in the region.

It’s easy – choose your donation amount, get your gift card and send to a friend:

• $5 can provide writing books and pencils for a classroom
• $10 can provide a mosquito net for a student or teacher to prevent malaria
• $20 can provide a school uniform for a student
• $50 can provide a bed for a student in a dorm room for two terms
• $100 can provide a stack of textbooks for a classroom

The Cotton On Foundation believes quality education is critical to empowering tomorrow’s leaders and holds the key to ending global poverty.

According to UNICEF, 59 million primary aged children are not currently attending school worldwide. Cotton On Foundation General Manager Tim Diamond said this is a statistic the Cotton On Foundation is doing everything it can to change. Since 2007 the Cotton On Foundation has created over 5000 educational places in Southern Uganda and is on a mission to create 20,000 educational places by 2020.

“We know that 50% of the Uganda population is under 15 and at the very core of the work we are doing, we are educating these kids, their communities and others globally in helping to build a healthy and sustainable future,” he said.

“Gifts That Count is more than a present, it’s an opportunity to give a meaningful gift that also doubles as the perfect Kris Kringle solution. In just a few clicks, you can purchase a present and know that you are making the world of difference to someone who needs it most.”

Gifts That Count can be found here from 7–31 December.

For more information about the Cotton On Foundation, visit www.cottononfoundation.org