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Group brands support International Women’s Day

8th March, 2019

As a business with a workforce of over 79% females, the Group is passionate about celebrating and acknowledging the contribution of women and to support their efforts to raise their voice.

For the 2019 International Women’s Day, Group brands have launched campaigns to celebrate women and support the business’ philanthropic arms which aim to develop, empower and educate women and girls globally.

The Group’s Supré brand is committed to empowering young girls and in the lead up to today’s International Women’s Day, Supré launched a powerful campaign which celebrates creativity and self-expression among females.

The Power Project campaign saw Supré engage 12 female artists, seven of who are team members within Supré’s Melbourne Chadstone office, to produce bespoke original artworks that speak to key International Women’s Day themes of gender parity and female empowerment.

Launching in Supré stores and online in late February, the campaign goal is to provide a platform for thought-provoking creatives to share their unique point of view towards a manifesto created by the brand which reflects their own values and mission.

Provided as a brief and form of inspiration, the creatives built on the manifesto to design bespoke artwork. Through this collaboration, the campaign evolved to incorporate multiple mediums, including dance, design, photography and writing.

Quotes from the manifesto were used to design graphics t-shirts with 10% of sale proceeds going towards the Supré Foundation which funds projects to support and empower girls globally.

A fold-out Zine was created to talk to the campaign and showcase participating artists and their pieces. The free Zine is available in select Supré stores across Australia and with every online purchase of the brand’s Power Project t-shirts.

The campaign launch aligns with the introduction of new mannequins in Supré stores, designed to represent the ‘real’ Supré girl and celebrate individuality and unique differences.

Brands Cotton On, Cotton On BODY, Rubi Shoes, Type and Factorie also released products of t-shirts and stationery to acknowledge the day with a benevolent reason behind the sale of each product.

Passionate about the impact that a quality education has on empowering young women in developing countries, particularly the social and economic benefits, the Group’s philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation is a proud backer of International Women’s Day.

Through providing global initiatives with a focus on education, including that of schooling and health – particularly wellbeing, adolescence, antenatal care and nourishment through the Foundation’s Nutrition Mission program – in 2018 alone the Cotton On Foundation were able to achieve the following for women and girls:

• Over 3,000 women received antenatal care and support through their pregnancies.
• Over 6,500 girls enrolled in Cotton On Foundation-supported schools.
• Over 900 students received sanitary pads.
• Health talks were provided in Uganda with a focus on student wellbeing, menstrual hygiene education, adolescence, teenage pregnancy and healthy relationships.
• Over 300 women graduated from the Nutrition Mission program which established healthy habits with food and hygiene.

Through the sale of each IWD t-shirt by the Group’s brands, including men’s shirts produced by Factorie, an AU$10 donation is provided to the Cotton On Foundation to further educate women in these areas.

Across the Group’s support centres globally, through team members purchasing International Women’s Day t-shirts produced by Group brands, over AU$4,000 was raised toward the Cotton On Foundation in the lead up to the 2019 International Women’s Day.