21st April, 2021

Introducing Busibo and Namabaale Schools!

2021 is a year of huge developments in the school infrastructure space, with the opening of Bwe K’Lar Learning Centre in Thailand, the BKN schools in Uganda, renovations commencing in Dr JL Dube, and now, the start of renovations at Busibo and Namabaale primary schools!

These schools will follow an entirely new blueprint for COF, integrating separate kindergarten, junior, middle and senior primary school campuses into the same geographical area. This way, students will be able to complete the majority of their education journey within the community, before heading on to high school.

When complete, each school will include a:

  • Kindergarten
  • Junior school
  • Middle school
  • Senior school
  • Healthcare centre
  • Teacher’s accommodation
  • Church
  • Pathways hub

… And will account for 910 educational places each!



Foundation partnered with the Busibo community back in 2010. Since then, we’ve established a strong bond with the community, building a healthcare centre in 2012, and redeveloping parts of the kinder, primary and secondary school. We’ve done so with the mission to fully restore and fit out each building, to ensure that all students have access to quality education.



Located near the border of the Lwengo and Rakai districts, a brand new healthcare centre was built and opened in 2017, laying the foundation for a full rebuild of the kinder, primary and secondary schools. Our Quality Education Model has been rolled out across the three existing schools, and teacher training is in place.

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