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Cotton On Foundation’s good hygiene essentials that give back

24th July, 2020

Cotton On Foundation is known for life-changing everyday items like tote bags, tissues, water and hair accessories, with 100% of the proceeds contributing to global education projects.

We’re excited to announce that the team are making some additions to their essentials items. The new range features, face masks, hand sanitiser, wipes, lip balm, tissues and hand lotion. Like always, these new handy items still change lives because 100 per cent of the proceeds contribute to global healthcare initiatives that help keep kids healthy and in school.

Just like education, we believe that basic healthcare is a right, not a privilege. That’s why, as part of Cotton On Foundation’s Child’s Journey model, we support healthcare centres and workers in vulnerable communities. The ongoing initiatives we are committed to supporting are things like; vaccinations, pre and antenatal care, the distribution of mosquito nets to prevent malaria, and HIV treatment and prevention.

The Cotton On Foundation WASH Program is another of our health care initiatives and is live in Uganda, South Africa and Thailand. The program focuses on water, sanitation and hygiene, all incredibly important to ensuring kids stay healthy and can continue to learn at school.

The range starts at AUD $3 and is available onlinee here and in selected stores now. As always 100 per cent of proceeds contribute to global healthcare initiatives that help kids health and in school, through Cotton On Foundation.