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The Research is in: ‘Who Do You Believe?’ Report

12th April, 2022

It’s no secret we want to do more than just make great products that our customers love here at Cotton On Group. We want to help our communities near and far, be kind to the planet and do Good along the way. That’s why we’re proud to share that we have been recognised by our customers in The Bravery and Republic of Everyone’s recent ‘Who do you believe?’ report.

The market research report involved 2,000 Aussie customers sharing their thoughts on what brands that they believe are doing Good – actively working to improve society and the planet – and how those actions impact their shopping decisions.

So, what did this mean for the Cotton On Group?

Of the participants who named a brand, 1 in 20 people nominated Cotton On when asked who they thought was helping improve social or environmental issues in Australia. Customers felt that the conveniently placed Cotton On Foundation products, as well as the retail team engaging them on what projects the Foundation were currently working on, stood out in their minds as unique in the fashion industry. Cotton On was used as an example of a large retailer making a positive difference, as well as The Good Report earning an honourable mention as a proof point for sustainable actions that the Group has planned.

Earlier this year, Cotton On Foundation released their Five Year Vision and how they will be spreading their impact across two new pillars, Environment and Mental Health. We can’t wait to share these new projects with our customers and bring them on the journey of the Good.