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Cotton On Foundation finish Bwe K’Lar school renovations in Thailand

4th August, 2020

Right on the border of Thailand, with Myanmar to the west, sits the Karen community of Bwe K’Lar. Located in the district of Mae Sot, Bwe K’Lar is home to a population of 3,000 people, 20% of whom have come from Myanmar.

Within this community lies Bwe K’Lar Learning Centre, Cotton On Foundation’s first supported school in Thailand.

What attracted Cotton On Foundation to this school is the value placed on education; teachers are committed to providing quality learning for their students, parents are supportive and the centre’s 85 students are motivated to learn despite challenging circumstances.

After beginning our partnership with Bwe K’Lar learning centre in 2017, we’re so excited to announce that the first stage of renovations are now complete!

The new school features state-of-the-art undercover play and multipurpose areas, inspiring new classrooms, updated landscaping including interactive vegetable gardens, a staff office and new hand washing facilities. The students who attend Bwe K’Lar are so excited to start learning and playing in their new and improved school.

To learn more about the history of Bwe K’Lar and the surrounding area, click here.