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Cotton On’s Better Denim Journey

29th July, 2020

Denim is Cotton On. It’s effortless, every day, inclusive and sustainable.

This August, Cotton On is celebrating the Group’s denim heritage and talking to our better denim journey; supporting sustainably sourced cotton.

A lot goes into making great denim. From nailing the fit, to perfecting that authentic vintage wash, to using more sustainable materials and methods. It’s a continuous journey to improvement that’s worth the result: better denim you’ll want to live in, day after day. From kid’s denim jeans and women’s denim skirts, to men’s denim jackets and everything in between; here’s a look at where we’re at in our denim journey today.

Making sustainably sourced cotton the standard
The good news is all our denim supports sustainably sourced cotton, and we’re committed to making sure it stays that way – forever. This means cotton that’s produced in a way that’s kinder to the planet, improves the livelihoods of the people who produce it, and helps to make the cotton industry more sustainable as a whole. Today, we’re supporting responsibly grown cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and we’re starting to introduce recycled cotton.

Fits that make everybody feel good 
Comfort stretch. High waisted. Vintage-look washes. Rigid denim. Distressed details. We’re all about giving the customer options! Our product legends across the business are obsessed with fine-tuning the fits we all know, so there’s no guesswork when it comes to your go-tos. Keep an eye out for inclusive size ranges, because everyone should be a denim die-hard, no matter your size. The new Women’s Curve and Men’s Larger Size ranges are specifically graded for the best fit, every time.

An ever-better future
For us, the roadmap to creating better product is a journey. We know there’s always room for improvement and that drives us to keep working harder to be leaders in positive change. Things like sourcing more sustainable materials, finding ways to use less water and fewer harmful chemicals, and protecting workers’ rights in our global supply chain. It’s our responsibility to care for our planet and its people, and we’ll keep sharing our journey, every step of the way.