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Get to know Cotton On Foundation’s Teacher Training Programs

22nd July, 2020

Cotton On Foundation exists to empower youth through quality education, which extends far beyond the child and into many different areas of the community. School facilities and their locations are considered; nutrition for children; school resources like textbooks and pencils; any limitations a school might have – the list goes on!

But of course, no quality education program would be complete without an incredible team of teachers to deliver it.

Under the guidance of competent, confident teachers, students can become competent, confident learners with learning outcomes to take them through school, tertiary education, employment and beyond.

As part of Cotton On Foundation’s Quality Education Model, our team help to provide teacher training and mentoring in supported schools in Uganda, South Africa and Thailand.

Teacher training and mentoring is not only a priority for Cotton On Foundation, but is also part of a global target to improve quality education standards worldwide. As part of Goal 4: Quality Education of the Sustainable Development Goals, there are targets to increase the proportion of teachers globally who have received organised teacher training relevant to their country context.

Improving student learning outcomes is only possible when we develop teachers that can help identify, respond to and support learners to emerge from schooling as inquisitive young people.

Teacher mentoring is one of the ways we endeavour to support teachers, improve their practice and give them the training and resources they need to be a successful teacher. We employ teacher mentors who work 1:1 with teachers in remote schools, consulting with them about their practices, providing feedback and promoting peer-learning. We also provide teacher training that means communities and students in Cotton On Foundation supported schools are learning within the best environments and best practices globally.

“There are many changes in our teaching, our attitude to improve our teaching to attract the students in learning and changing their characters. Our areas that needed to be improved were helped and guided by the mentor, so mentoring prepared us to become skilful teachers, prepared our lessons in order to make the students grasp the concepts and able to use it for future lives.” – A Cotton On Foundation supported school teacher.

This article was originally published on cottononfoundation.org. Discover more about how Teacher Training is rolled out across Cotton On Foundation supported Schools in Uganda, Thailand and South Africa here.