30th July, 2020

How Supré Foundation is supporting women and girls through Covid-19

Through the Supré Foundation we are committed to funding and collaborating with partners on programs that educate, support and empower girls. The Supré community is united in a mission of fostering a world where all girls and women can achieve their dreams. Where globally, generations of girls and women have access to all they need to fulfil their potential.

Right now, many Australian girls and women need critical care and support. Thanks to our Supre community, the Supré Foundation is donating $45,000 across Foodbank, Vinnies and Beyond Blue to immediately assist those who need it most.

Did you know that more than one in three Aussie women experience relationship violence in their life time? Or that over 10,000 girls contact the Beyond Blue Support Service every month? What about that more than one in four Australian women have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months?

The stats are pretty shocking, which is why we’re also proud to announce that from now until the end of August, 100% of proceeds from all Supré Foundation products sold will be donated to these three charity partners, who are providing vital support to girls and women impacted by COVID19, and beyond.

Find out more here.

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