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Building Sustainable Futures

Case Study: Africa Cotton Program

Since 2014, we’ve partnered with Business for Development and more recently, Palladium Group to support smallholder farming communities in Kenya and Mozambique. The program has supported over 15,000 farmers to date and its strategy has grown beyond cotton into a diversified crop approach, generating more than $530,000 from the production of 851 tonnes of cotton.

The Africa Cotton Program has also:

• Increased farmer training attendance by 28%

• Piloted new and innovative soil and water management practices for stronger climate mitigation strategies

• Seen PAVI, the farming cooperative, increase collaborators, programs and enhance technologies

• Introduced a ‘Lead Farmer Empowerment’ program where lead farmers aim to expand training to 2000 additional farmers by 2027

• Increased farmers’ training on Good Agricultural Practices through focused ‘Field Day Sessions’

• Attracted 100 new farmers in 2024

• Seen 100% of cotton farmers adopt complementary value chains (maize and assorted vegetable varieties) to boost household incomes and ensure food security

• Provided increased visibility through media for the cotton program to other farmers in the country, thanks to the launch of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Project

• Encouraged the Kenyan Government to prioritise cotton growing, processing and marketing as part of its agricultural revitalisation agenda. Earnings to farmers are expected to increase by 25% per every kilo of cotton produced

• Commenced a school uniform program where 200 uniforms made from cotton grown in Kwale were given to disadvantaged students from schools around cotton-growing areas. The project intends to increase employment opportunities for women in producing school uniforms

• Been recognised at the World Retail Congress Awards.

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