We believe that all members of the Cotton On Group family, including everyone in our supply chain, has the right to have their voice heard and to work in an environment that has safety and wellbeing front of mind at all times. Together with our supplier partners, we strategise and develop our ranges, while improving the livelihoods of everyone we touch.


We work closely with our suppliers to conduct regular factory audits which are extensive, covering more than 160 topics. As part of this, we also conduct worker interviews to gain the best possible insights. Our audits are benchmarked against international standards, covering areas such as fire and safety, management practices, workers rights, factory conditions, waste and environment. When action is required to remedy a problem, our job is to partner with our suppliers and factories to make this happen.

We provide regular training and education programs for owners, managers and their team members covering our 14 Rules to Trade and our supplier agreement.

We aim to empower everyone in our supply chain to develop their life and leadership skills, while providing opportunities at all levels. We partnered with CARE Australia, implementing a Women’s Empowerment program across key Bangladesh Suppliers.

Like many businesses around the globe, 2020 challenged us in many ways. Our priority has always been to stand by our suppliers, and we’re proud to have honoured all existing supplier orders, ensuring workers would be paid.

We continue to partner proactively with our suppliers to solve production and logistics challenges across the supply chain. We’re in this with them, for the long haul and will navigate whatever happens next.